The Vision

The ECHO International School of music is the brain child of Buffalo, NY native and national recording artist Kimera Lattimore. Kimera is a graduate of the Buffalo Academy of Visual & Performing Arts where she studied vocal and music performance.  She is also an entrepreneur, singer, song writer, musician, vocal instructor and ordained elder. 

The vision for ECHO is to create a safe building for youth to learn and be employed in our community.  Youth from ages 13-30 will be able to come to ECHO for vocal, writing and instrumental lessons including, piano, percussion, brass and string.  There will be production, engineering and recording studio training for the students.  Long term we will see musical concerts, marching bands, touring and mission work. ​

Objective 1

To Define and refine the individual talents of students by proving a broad range of major programs offered by a distinguished set of instructors and to prepare them for diverse and eclectic careers in music. 

"The teacher and the students often switch roles. They both learn and live with more" -Kimera Lattimore

Objective 2

To enable our students to employ their m musical education in a global society by providing a compelling curriculum that educates a d illustrates the limitless creative possibilities pf music and arts.

"Music has no walls, neither do we"  -Kimera Lattimore

Objective 3

To Champion our students into the appreciation and application of music's enormous force for the enrichment and enhancement of intercultural recreation.

"Music is the best way to redecorate a room, and all of our youth are the artists"  -Kimera Lattimore

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